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Assemblywoman Solages Announced the Passage of the Southern State Parkway Study Bill

NEWS12LI_3112201812123200000AB_std.originalA DOT safety study is the first step in decreasing the total amount of accidents on the Southern State

Assemblywoman Michaelle C. Solages released the following statement after the passage of Assembly Bill A 6761-A, which directs the New York Department of Transportation to coordinate with all local governments in order to conduct a study evaluating the configuration of entrance and exit ramps, and signage at entrance ways and exits on the Southern State Parkway in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

“One of the very first initiatives that I have taken on since my first term, is to address the increasing traffic accidents along the Southern State Parkway,” stated New York State Assemblywoman Michaelle C. Solages, “Today, I am proud to announce that Governor Cuomo signed my bill directing NYSDOT to implement a study to determine whether adequate safety measures exist to prevent collisions and the instance of wrong-way drivers. I look forward to the execution of this study and reviewing the recommendations by the DOT Commissioner when they are released. Although there is much more work to be done, this is a necessary first step in figuring out ways to enhance the overall safety of the Southern State Parkway. ”

This study shall include, but not be limited to, design and safety of the configuration of entrance and exit ramps and the feasibility of implementing design changes to increase safety and reduce the likelihood of collisions and wrong way driving; the design and level of safety of the signage located at entrance and exit ramps of such Parkway and the feasibility of implementing signage design changes to increase the visibility of such signage to drivers and reduce the likelihood of collisions and wrong way driving; and federal funding available for such highway safety improvement projects.

The Southern State Parkway is a long-standing issue for the Long Island region, and we must continue to be persistent in seeking solutions that ensure the well-being of our drivers,” proclaimed Assemblywoman Solages.


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