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Students and Parents Gather to Celebrate the Return of Principal Kevin Dougherty to Elmont Memorial High School

On Tuesday, October 11th, 2022, Elmont Memorial High School welcomed back Principal Kevin Dougherty from administrative leave. Teachers, faculty, and parents gathered outside the Elmont Memorial high school in anticipation of his return. Dougherty was removed from his position just before the start of the school year this fall without a clear explanation. 

During his tenure, Dougherty spearheaded clubs and programs that enriched his students’ lives. The principal’s absence was felt sorely in the community, and the decision by the board to place him on administrative leave was hotly disputed.

“Seeing the joy on everyone’s faces today,  it’s clear Principal Dougherty is an eminent figure in the community and the people of Elmont Memorial High School are delighted to have him back. He’s impacting many with the legacy he is creating here, and we look forward to seeing him continue this invaluable work,” said Assemblywoman Michaelle C. Solages. 

“He’s a very good principal for the kids and the community. During registration, I met him, and he gave me his number to call with any issues. I’ve never known a principal to be like this for his students, and I’m grateful for the kind of principal he is,“ stated Nikki Ramkissoon, a parent of an Elmont Memorial High school student

Since being placed on leave, parents and students have been pushing for answers and Dougherty’s reinstatement. Although the community is grateful for his reinstatement, many are demanding answers for his suspension in the first place.

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