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Assemblywoman Solages

A lifelong resident of Elmont, Michaelle C. Solages was elected to represent the 22nd Assembly District in November of 2012. Within the 22nd Assembly District, she serves North Valley Stream, Valley Stream, South Valley Stream, South Floral Park, Floral Park, Bellerose Terrace, the Village of Bellerose, North Woodmere, Elmont, Stewart Manor, and parts of Franklin Square. Now a fifth-term legislator, Solages was the first person of Haitian descent to be elected into the New York State Legislature.

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Michaelle’s Biography

Michaelle C. Solages, a fifth-term legislator, is a lifelong resident of Elmont. Assemblywoman Solages represents the communities of Valley Stream, North Valley Stream, Elmont, South Valley Stream, South Floral Park, Floral Park, the Village of Bellerose, Bellerose Terrace, North Woodmere, Stewart Manor, and sections of Franklin Square.

Before serving in the New York State Assembly, Michaelle earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Hofstra University’s Education, Health, and Human Services. Dedicated to giving back to her community, she remained at Hofstra University serving as supervisor of access services in the Axinn Library. In her endeavor to empower students through printed and electronic material, she played a major role in the modernization of the library’s resources.

Michaelle was elected to represent the Twenty-second Assembly District in 2012 and is the first person of Haitian descent to be elected into the New York State Legislature. She currently serves as the Assembly Deputy Majority Leader as well as Chair of The New York State Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic, and Asian Legislative Caucus. Through her work, she strives to ensure that all people are treated with dignity and protected equally under the law throughout New York State. 

Today, Michaelle is a strong advocate and a dominant force within her community. From her close ties to immigrant communities, Assemblywoman Solages has used her voice to champion issues facing new Americans. A leading activist in childcare, Michaelle was named Chair of the Assembly subcommittee on Child Product Safety in June 2015. Also a leading advocate of early childhood education, Michaelle was chosen to serve as one of three New York State fellows at the 2014 National Conference of State Legislatures. Her appointment came as a direct result of her powerful stance on integrating Mathematics, Science, and Music into the Kindergarten-3rd grade curriculum. 

A woman truly dedicated to the cause, she has allocated thousands of dollars in grants to the local school districts of Valley Stream and Elmont. She also provided grants to organizations providing educational programs, and to local libraries. She has continued to advocate for Nassau County’s middle class and small businesses by fighting to lower property taxes, raise the minimum wage, and increase public transportation services on Long Island. 

In her time as a legislator, Michaelle has been honored with numerous awards including but not limited to; LIPC’s Long Islander Who Has Made a Difference Award, Recognition of Outstanding Public Service, and the Dedication to Elmont and Surrounding Communities Award.

She completed the Robert J. Thompson Eastern Leadership Academy in which her motivational, communication, and crisis handling skills were enhanced to better serve the community. It is also worth noting that Michaelle is a lifetime member of AHRC, an organization that empowers people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to live self-directed lives. Michaelle resides in Elmont with her family and her dog.

She is more than honored to represent the diverse communities of the 22nd Assembly District in the New York State Legislature. 

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